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Are you looking for that perfect Pashmina shawl to accent your wardrobe or give to a friend? You’ve most likely heard the word Pashmina or Cashmere referring to a variety of scarves and wraps, but you may be wondering to yourself what exactly a “Pashmina” really is. Even if you are fully aware of the soft, warm and luxurious qualities of Cashmere wool, you may be slightly apprehensive about how to take care of such a seemingly delicate and fashionable item. Or maybe you find yourself slightly hesitant to make such an extravagant purchase because you consider yourself to be one of those people who never knew quite what to do with a scarf or wrap.

Well, we here at Royal Bhaktapur / The Pashmina Store understand the qualms and questions you may have regarding Pashmina shawls and we are here to provide you with the knowledge and wisdom you seek regarding Pashminas, whether you find yourself curious about the weaving process, what kinds of Pashminas there are or if you just want to learn the fashion basics of wearing one.

If you find yourself wondering about any of these topics, then look no further! This comprehensive website will provide you with most of the information you could ever hope to find regarding how to purchase, wear and take care of your very own Pashmina shawl.

Not only do we want you to learn about the beauty of Pashmina though. We also hope that you’ll join our work in fighting against economic injustice and global poverty by learning about the Fair Trade Movement, Sustainable Development and how we’re working to support local Nepalese weavers to support their families.
We wish you all the best as you explore Royal Bhaktapur / The Pashmina Store.

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