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You’ve most likely heard the word Pashmina or Cashmere referring to a variety of scarves and wraps, but you may be wondering to yourself what exactly a “Pashmina” really is. Even if you are fully aware of the soft, warm and luxurious qualities of Cashmere wool, you may be slightly apprehensive about how to take care of such a seemingly delicate and fashionable item. Or maybe you find yourself slightly hesitant to make such an extravagant purchase because you consider yourself to be one of those people who never knew quite what to do with scarf or wrap.

Well, we here at Royal Bhaktapur understand the qualms and questions you may have regarding Pashmina shawls and we are here to provide you with the knowledge and wisdom you seek regarding Pashminas, whether you find yourself curious about the weaving process, what kinds of Pashminas there are or if you just want to learn the fashion basics of wearing one.

Take a look at this page to see if the quality Pashminas we offer are right for you. Our Shawls are made from the highest quality materials, and come in a variety of Cashmere and silk blends. No matter what kind of a Pashmina you’re looking for, we’re offering you fairly traded products that are sure to please yourself and loved ones.

Royal Bhaktapur is a fair trade business, created not for the sake of making personal profit, but was brought into existence for the sake of giving skilled craftspeople in Nepal an economic outlet through which to generate much needed income.

We buy Pashmina shawls directly from local Nepali crafts people, and sell them internationally, providing our local employees with risk free opportunities to generate the money needed to achieve higher standards of living.

So look around, find that beautiful Pashmina you’re looking for, and know that with every purchase you make, you’re contributing to the income and education of numerous families in Nepal. Your purchase will make a difference in the fight against global poverty! Join us in helping Nepali families by treating yourself to a Pashmina today.


This size serves as a wonderful shoulder wrap, draping down to about the middle of your back when you lay it across your shoulders. This size can serve as a fluffy scarf or as a sizable cover for your shoulders and upper back.
Though this is the smallest of our sizes, it’s still sizable enough to serve as a very practical scarf for either draping across the top of your shoulders, or just wrapping around your neck. Check out our fashion page to find some more ideas on how you can get the most fashionable use out of your Pashmina.

This size offers you a variety of possibilities. Large enough to be a small blanket, this Pashmina size offers you complete upper body coverage when you wrap it around yourself. Yet it’s also soft enough to make a warm and cuddly neck scarf.




  • Whether the wool is Cashmere vs. Silk.
  • Don’t let popularity fool you. Cashmere is always better quality than Silk.
  • A pure Cashmere shawl weighs about 5 ounces. A same size Silk Blended Pashmina shawl 70/30 weights about 11 ounces;
  • Labels that verify the legitimacy of the manufacturer.
  • Look for product certificates that show a company’s reputability. RoyalBhaktapur’s merchandise will always arrive with an informative certificate.
  • Always beware for viciously deceptive “Viscose” Pashminas that have no semblance of relation to a real Pashmina whatsoever aside from the fact that they’re both pieces of fabric. Viscose is a man-made material that some people try to market as a “Real Viscose Pashmina”, but as stated previously, the only relation this synthetic product has to a real Pashmina is that it’s a piece of cloth.


  • Significantly higher quality than any other scarf, stole or wrap you can buy.
  • Cashmere Pashminas have incredible insulation, making them practical and warm for all seasons. Their insulated properties also work well against summer moisture and humidity.
  • It’s lightweight, with a large (2.9 by 6.7 feet) 100% shawl weighing only 5.6 ounces!
  • You have a fantastic array of choices, with a plethora of patterns (floral, animal prints, burberry, traditional) and compositions (100% Cashmere, silk blended and bamboo blended).
  • What other shawl do you know that can fashionably complement anything from casual sweaters to formal gowns?
  • There’s an almost 100% guarantee you’ll fall in love with a Pashmina assoon as you feel it’s soft and warm qualities.


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Sustainable Development

We encourage sustainable development by supporting small local communities, local entrepreneurs and small households in Nepal.

No Child Labor Involved

We do not employ any child labor for our products. Instead we support them to go to school in order to build up a great future. We believe children should be studying, not working.

Fair Trade

Our products are handmade in Nepal, and follow the Fair Trade principles; Fair Trade prices, working conditions and agreements.